Kick Light App Reviews

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Please let me control with normal iPhone camera.

Or, improve the app and quality of camera. I got this to improve the quality of my photos..

Love the light but you guys Broke the app on the last update!!!

Please fix we use it at work doing real jobs!! It's broke!! Just the update

Lights have potential, but

Who ever writes the logic for this should be fired. 1- the app should see all kick lights. There should be an icon where you can adjust individual lights. This should be the only functionality of the app until you get that workif properly. No one wants a lightening effect if they can't use it anyway. 2- to get white light with out the awful app you must click 22 buttons. Twenty two. 3- when you turn the light off, to get the last setting (that you almost always want) you must click 2fraking2 buttons 4- the battery doesn't last through a 3 hour shoot. 5- the app is just awful. It's like they paid no attention to how someone should use this thing. 6- the documentation is embarrassing. Difficult with their printout, impossible with out. Yet it's just a light...shouldn't it be simple? Pease hire a UX person and maybe you can make this product usable by professionals. Until then I have 500$ worth of unusable lights that advertise what they can't deliver.

App update please!!!!

Make option to turn camera off most of us photographers don't use or need the camera as it runs down the phone battery!!! Needs better color controls these are too gimmicky!!! Let's get pro here !!!

Allow us to use without camera

I bought the light thinking I'd be able to simply control it via the iPhone. The app allows this but it forces the camera on at the same time, which I dont need or want! Please include an option to use the iphone purely as a color selector, without the camera being on.

Colors work but camera is low res

Happy with my light so far, but this app is sub par. The photos and videos it takes are really low res. color control works well but the camera is a major bummer. Why are the developers updating anymore?

Kick Light Kicks Butt!

This app works great with the kick light. Great control and the possibilities are endless. Multiple lights controlled within one easy interface expand possibilities further. My photos have been taken to the next level.

Love it.

Love the light, love the app. Not perfect, but close enough to work well.

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