Kick Light Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Rift Labs Kick LED review - app (v1.1)

Robbert Dijkstra guides us through the remote iOS app for the Rift Labs Kick LED light.

Quick Look | Rift Labs KICK LED

The Rift Labs KICK portable LED light is easily controlled from an iOS device using the free, downloadable app and it makes a great compliment to iPhone and ...

Rift Labs Kick Light Review #RiftLabs #KickLight

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Kick Full Color Video Light Review

Terry White reviews the portable battery operated smartphone controlled Kick Full Color Video Light for your personal video and photographic projects.

The KICK Light Review

CORE Features' Keith Norberg reviews Rift Labs' KICK Light: an LED light that gives users a wide range of creative lighting controls for photo and video use.

Kick Light "Rainbow" Lighting Demo

The Kick Light from Rift Labs is an iOS-controlled LED lighting solution that's perfect for both professional photographers and amateurs who want to create ...

Rift Labs Kick LED review: shutter speed test

Robbert Dijkstra tests the Rift Labs Kick RGB LED at different shutter speeds.

Det norskutviklede iPhone - videolyset Kick Light

Det norskutviklede iPhone - videolyset Kick Light fikk kickstart via Morten Hjerde, Rift Labs.

The Kick light - first impressions

Very small and controllable over Wifi, the Kick is a unique approach to lighting an area to improve taking photos and videos. I go through from unpacking it to first ...

Kick Streaming Light Demo

Kick prototype sneak peek.

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